I'm Margaret, 20 yrs. old, welcome to my creative space!

My photography journey all started from taking spontaneous photos growing up on family or school trips. Over the years, photography has allowed me to interpret what I see visually and critically. Being able to combine creativity and a passion for interacting with humans, my surroundings, and various objects.

As a Vancouver based freelance photographer, I am constantly surrounded by the city and breathtaking nature. I believe that photography is more than capturing a photo, but it allows for exploration and combining art with different aspects of life whether it’d be music, fashion, travelling, adventuring around, emotions etc.

Each passing day, I get to be inspired by the constantly changing environment. Turning what I see and feel into a photograph is a reason why I enjoy creating.

I would love to hear your story. Feel free to contact me. I am available for hire, collaboration on a project, or just drop by and say hi. Thank you for checking out my work! Cheers

Email: margaretsphotographs@gmail.com | email for collaborations, bookings or business inquiries, and message for information about pricing inquires for photoshoots / event shoots (prom/wedding)

Instagram: @gramofmarg | Vsco: margaretxsha

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